Chapter 1


Shanice was a young girl who had just joined university.She used to study bachelor of law at The University of Nairobi.She had very rich parents who gave her everything her heart desired.Shanice was a humble social lady who had a heart of gold.
She was known for her enthusiasm and generosity. Everybody wanted to be her friend.During a lunch break after her morning classes,she was approached by a certain man.
“Hey Shanice my name is Justin,I have had a lot about you.”Shanice was mesmerized and said,”Really am so amazed.”Justin sat next to her and the story began.
One month later,they had already become good friends.They used to spend much time together despite Justin being a medical student.Everything seemed like a dream to her and she knew that there was something between her and Justin.
Unexpectedly,Shanice became sick.She was diagnosed with leukemia. She fell into deep depression.Life changed completely for her.Her parents always supported her all the way.Justin stood by her side all the way.
End of chapter one



Hey fans…well I know I have not written in a while but schoolwork has been in plenty so you just need to cut me some slack…well first off,happy Mashujaa day…today we celebrate all the heroes who brought independence on our country and now lets go to today’s topic.Shape up or cut off?What comes to your mind with this title?Lemme hit it to you straight and clear,this is all about love and in love we have two options in a relationship,when you have a misunderstanding and things are not taking its good course,you can either decide to solve it with your mate or you break it off.

If someone aint given you the attention and love and appreciation you deserve,why are you even with this person?Yes,love is patient and forgiving but if this person keeps stabbing your heart over and over again then you better walk away before you become depressed or better still unworthy of yourself.A relationship has two people in it and they are a team but if they do not co-ordinate and work together, it will fall down into pieces.Let us picture a house ,you must start with a foundation so that it stays firm, same case applies to love.If you do not have a foundation as a couple,things with go balistic because you have different perspectives and aims.You need to build that trust and honesty ,then start up the communication levels, then start up the stands and goals ,then support each other and you are good to go.

No relationship lacks arguments or challenges and this is where shaping up comes in,if one person hurts the other,just open up to him or her…make sure you listen more than talking,analyse the situation and solve it.Blame game never works and to make it worse,ego ruins a relationship.When your partner decides to walk way,ask yourself what you did before judging him or her.We are all human and no one wants to be treated like trash or better still unappreciated and disrespected.

It is high time people understand the real essensce of love.Love has a connection and flow..it has steps that need to be taken so that it gives birth to the real thing which is,a couple. It needs patience and sacrifice from both parties.There is no way you people will date if you do not have the same goal and perspective…you both have to be ready for it and accept all consequences that comes with it.The issue of bringing third parties to your love life is just a waste of time and a great enemy.It is either you stand with your man or woman or keep listening to haters..it is better to set your man or woman as your priority but in this generation things are changing..women want men for money and pleasure..men want women for sex and benefits. .so it is up to you to choose wisely

Understanding and acceptance is the sister of wisdom..you have to love and understand and accept each other so that both of you will have a happy relationship…I love you is a three letter word but means alot …do not just tell someone’ I love you’ but your actions state otherwise…be true and real and most of all,straight to the point.Love is not all about sex..you two need to build each other spiritually,psychologically and help each other in aspirations and in getting achievements.Love has alot of work just like how you run a company ,you two need to be good directors of your love life.Have goals and compliment and be loyal and faithful to each other and be there for each other in good and bad times.And if things go well you two will even end up getting married later on,would you not love that?

Well that is all for today…I leave you with this quote,do not expect manna to come to you but make that manna yourself..work for what you want and set your standards,do not do things to get attention or approval from people,do it for yourself so as to have a bright future.

Have a wonderful afternoon…❤😜


Hey fans ….I hope you are all good..Today is a good day because we are going to talk about suicide,how to prevent it ,how to deal with a suicide victim and the dos and donts on handling a suicide victim.Yestrday was world suicide day and I was reading an article on yesterday’s healthy nation segment on suicide,it touched my heart because I am a victim of suicide.I have attempted suicide four times and it was not an easy experience.It was a very painful experience because it brought about guilt and regret.It also affect my aquintances and family.It made me feel disappointed because I discovered I could have handled it in a different way.The cause of my suicide attempts are categorized into two..the three attempts were back in high school and the reason for it was because am usually epileptic and some of my peers used to make fun of me and bully me.. The second category was last month and the reason for it was being cyber bullied and feeling worthless due to my past mistakes.It was not a walk over because I had undergone a serious depression and trauma and if it were not for my family,I do not think I could overcomed this storm.After the suicide,you always get judged and apprehended but little do they know,that this may cause the person attempting suicide again.Some of the ways of knowing someone has suicidal thoughts is by(content from the healthy nation article by counsellorHiram Chomba,a psychotherapist at Befrienders Kenya,an organisation that aims to relieve mental suffering.):

1.When is feeling overwhelmed with unbearable emotional pain.

2.Feeling hopeless,like there is no point in living.

3.Being consumed by negative and disturbing thoughts.

4.Seeing suicide as the only solution to your problems

5.Imagining that death will provide relief

6.Thinking that everyone would be better off without you.

7. Feeling worthless and lonely.

8.Not understanding why you feel or think above thoughts

Those are some of the reasons that most people end up commiting suicide.They are not aware of the outcome because all they want is to die and everything else is not their concern.Some victims suffer from mental illnesses,financial issues and distress.Most mental patients do not have the necessary funds to attain the necessary medication that they require and also for the psychotherapy.This is why we need to offer a listening ear to this victims so as to prevent him or her from attempting or commiting suicide.Judging ,stigmatisation,discrimination will not help.Sending the person to a jail term will not help because this is an issue that need psychological help.Resolving the issue is the number one issue in dealing with a suicide victim.Accepting that person and showing them love and care is also paramount.Avoiding drugs and alcohol is also a major factor to consider.Focusing on getting through it one day at a time is essential.Personally,I am still recovering from my suicidal attempt of last month and it is not a cup of tea.You have to accept that it happened and work on becoming a better person .It is not our mistakes that defines but how you fix your flaws that defines.Failure is totally normal, what matters is what you do to change the situation.Self time is very important,you need to reflect upon yourslef,you need to have your on time and space ,this will help you to discover yourself more and your self worth,self value and self esteem will improve.Learn to let go of past issues in order for you to have inner peace.Learn to forgive those who wronged the best way to handle an irrational person is by showing kindness.This will make them see that you are of great importance and it will make them see that no matter what they do,you will still be you and you will still work towards acquiring your dreams and expectations.

Preventing one from attempting suicide can be done in various ways.You need to know that this person has a suicidal mentality,how you handle him or her matters alot.Always ensure that you are giving a listening ear rather than a condeming ear.This will make the person feel at ease.Advise them to seek psychological help for this will help them to overcome their distress and it will make them live a normal life like anyone else.If it is a person suffering from a mental illness such as epilepsy,bipolar,schizophrenia and many more,ensure they take their medication as prescribed and that they avoid anything that will stress them out.Do not leave the person alone if they are in danger or rather if there are harmful things around them .Always stay in tiuch with the person and assure the person that all will be well.Do not be aggresive or rather do not pressurise the person.This will lead to severe depression and trauma.Ensure that you offer your time and effort so as help this person recover.

I believe that being positive is the key to handling mistakes.Be rest assured that not everyone will understand your situation,some will mock you,insult you,judge you,stigmatize you,discriminate you and many more negative imprehents but it is up to you to decide who you want to be.Never allow someone to get to you,be calm and avoid being raged for this will lead to bad turn of events.Learn to accept yourself wholesomely and do not seek sympathy or apathy from people.It takes a confidence and guts to open up to the world about this and trust me you,it took me great courage to write this or even share it with people because you have to be strong and stable for we have all kinds of people.My aim is to help other suicide victims and also make people aware of suicide and how to deal with a victim.I hope you will support me in my upcoming campaign on suicide awareness.Have a lovely evening!


Hey fans,I hope you are well and you are keeping warm because it is one chilly morning.Today I want us to discuss about growth.This aint related to Biology😂😂but to life experiences.What is growth?Growth is whereby you outgrow some major flaws and cornerstones or rather when you overcome the storms and you become whole and new.It is the moment when all your struggles such as anger,bitterness ,jelousy,hate and many more come to an end.It transforms you into a more mature and responsible person.Let us go throw the advantages of growth and how you can reach this phase.

Firstly,accept the situation and turn of events.The moment you realize what really happened and you major on to it,you will discover the root of this situation and you find a solution to it,which is:forgiving oneself,letting go and working towards being a better person everyday.You will release a package that was holding you down and uplift your motives and aspirations.

Secondly,do not blame others.Never blame others for your own mistakes.It does not benefit you at any cost.It will make you much more bitter and angry thus leading you into a stressful momentum which will only cause you pain and anguish.The moment you tell yourself this:’I was created for a purpose,I have made mistakes and I am not perfect,but I am going to work on myself,dealing with other people’s flaws and errors is not my business.’ This statement will make you realize that you were born to be the ruler and mender of your life and God has given you all the necessary platforms and resources.Make use of it instead of involving yourself in non sensical matters that will not benefit you.

Thirdly,know your worth.The moment you discover your self worth,the better for you.You will value yourself and take care of yourself accordingly.You will strive towards having inner peace and you will always reflect on your own goals and dreams.You will not consider the baggage of extras but you will focus on you as a person.Ask yourself these,why do I have to love myself?Why should I seek approval from people?Why should I focus on negativity?Once you see this,you will know that self worth is more important because it defines who you are.

Fourthly,set your priorities right.Do not indulge yourself in activities that do not add value in your life.Remember that the future is in your hands and the moment you twist it,things will take a wrong turn.You should be working towards being a better person in the society.Work smart in achieving your goals,be it studies,work,hobby and talent,make sure you have improved on it every single day.

Fifthly,keep good company.The people you roll with should have the same perspectives and aspects that you have.You cannot associate yourself with irrational people and expect to be rational.Show me your friends and I will tell you your character.Do not allow peer pressure to get the best of you.You may have all the wealth in the world but if you are irrational,it is much as loosing your own self.It is better to be called a loner for having real friends other than being admired for rolling with unsubstantial friends.

Lastly,be consistent and persistent.Always strive to do things as they are supposed to be done.Do not let the storms take you down but let the storms take you to higher and better levels.You owe no one an explanation for all the things you have done in your life,be it positive or negative.Be happy and grateful because God will always stand by you,that is why He is merciful and grateful.He is loving and caring,His love is unconditional and His reward is the best.

I leave you with this quote,aspirations and dreams can only be fulfilled when you set your mind towards it and you work hard and smart into making it a reality.Have a beautiful and productive day!


Hey people,it is one chilly Sunday but it is the day we all go to church or others stay at home listening to gospel and some watch live sermons on television.Well,today I was watching Joel Osteen’s live sermon and I must say it was a blessing to me because he talked about the current situation am going through and it has given me fulfillment and relief.Today our topic is called chain breaking that is what Joel Osteen talked about,so I am gonna write what I learnt and understood and also some of my tips too.

Firstly,what is chain breaking?This is whereby you start releasing all the yorks in your life,you let go of all the burdens in your life and you have freedom of perspect and get rid of the bound perspect.We always keep our yorks thinking it is normal but it aint normal.God created us to be happy,peaceful and fulfilled.He did not bring you into this world so as to undergo trauma,depression,guilt,divorce,hate,bullying and many more burdens.He has a purpose for you and no matter what anyone says or does that purpose has to be fulfilled.Some things are beyond our control and that is why we turn to God to give us fulfillment and hope.You need to have faith and patience for what God has in store for you is more wonderful and precious.All those downfalls you have been through will be turned into blessings and unending success.

Secondly,you need to forgive and forget.Forgiveness is the hardest thing to do especially if you had placed this person at a higher bar in your life.Be it heartbreak,betrayal,disloyalty,back stabbing and many more,you need to forgive and forget.Forgiving that person does not mean you let them in into your life again,no,you are just releasing that bitterness in you.Today I reflected on my life while listening to the sermon and said,it is time for me to forgive all those who wronged me in one way or the other and for those who I wronged too I believe they will see I have moved on from that anger and bitterness.There is nothing as painful as trusting someone with your flaws and then they use it as your weakness.It is so wrong and mean.No one is perfect,we are all sinners before God and that is why we all pray to Him to give us comfort and inner peace.Crying does not mean you are weak, but it helps us release that pain and it makes you calm.Cry it all out and release the pain and bitterness.

Thirdly,starting a new chapter,you need to learn that in life,cornerstones and challenges will always be there but how you react to it is what matters.I decided that proving myself to people and trying to make people be reasonable and rational is not my work but theirs.No one controls your life but yourself.God has given us the necessary resources and as the ruler of your life,you need to make appropriate decisions and take rational actions.Do not make decisions while you are bitter or angry.It will cost you alot of things afterwards.If you tell someone something and they do not see its essence,leave that person alone.How they react to it is none of your business but making yourself better and setting your priorities right is your business.Let the Holy Spirit be your guide.

Fourthly,God is your source of strength and hope and everything.No human being can do the things God has done for you.Human is to error.Even your own blood can judge and criticize you but God will receive you with open arms.For He is merciful and kind.He has the final say and if He says he has a purpose and plan for you,accept it.If you do your part,God will do His.Let no one make you feel lesser of a person.He or she has no power of determining your fate.God is the beginning and end and there is no one like Him.He will stand with you during the storm and also during the sunshine,so just be grateful and always seek Him because he never fails.

Fifthly,take responsibility,whatever you do always know that you are responsible of the aftermath.Do not look at the speck of someones eye and forget about the log in your own eye.Learn to discover your flaws and note that you cannot have inner peace if you do not consider other people’s feelings.Whether one is rich or poor,healthy or sick,strong or weak,respect is a two way traffic.Do unto others what you expect them to do unto you.A faithful friend is a strong defence,and whoever has found one has found a treasure because in this era having that one friend who will stand by you at all costs is not easy.Friendship is not about competing or throwing shades,it is about building each other up and accepting each other.You need to know each others weaknesses and protect each other.Never judge one another.You do not know why that person did what he or she did and you have not walked in his or her shoes so why lament and judge and what will you gain from it?Will it make you a hero?Will it make you earn more money or score higher grades?Always ask yourself these questions before hurting and tarnishing someones reputation.

Sixthly,people always change,you need to know that binadamu ni kinyonga na hakuna ambaye atakupenda unavyojipenda.You need to stop seeking consolence from people and seeking apathy and sympathy.Personally,I used to do that only when I underwent a serious downfall and discovered that I have been wasting myself and making irrational decisions.I discovered that people only stand by you when they need something from you but once that is done,they dissolve like sugar in water.You need to take this downfalls positively and learn from your mistakes.Throwing shades at each other will not help but will cause more anguish and pain .Keep in mind not everyone views life as you do.We all come from different backgrounds and we were all brought up differently,so do not expect people to be like you,talk like you and reason like you.

Lastly,be consistent,consistency is the key to your breakthrough.Always be firm and stable,it is not easy but you need to do that.Some things in life happen for a reason and at a season.You may say,why am I undergoing all these problems?why are they always judging me and insulting me?why am I not happy like so and so?Listen up,never blame yourself for the wrongs of others and never explain your deeds to anyone.Never compare your journey with someone else.Just be you and do you and love you.No one leads your ride other than you.

Have a beautiful afternoon and I leave you with these quotes,silence is the key and it says alot more than you think.Disability and weakness is not inability.Be inspired before you expire.Be a living testimony !


Hey people…it is such a beautiful morning and this week i have observed some things so get a comfy place …sit back and relax because I will be handling three topics in one,that is,natural beauty,fakerism and dresscode.We all want a lavish life,we want to be spotted by our fellow peers,we want to ball and floss but how you do it is what matters..Let us start with the first topic,natural beauty.Natural beauty is how someone was created without any other extras such as make up,bleaching,filters and many more .Do not get me wrong using make up is okay and it makes one look so pretty but the thing is do you love and accept your natural look?Do you admire your natural self?Using filters in pictures is okay.Personally,I love snapchat but that does not mean I forget to love the natural me .It is just a photo,it does not define who I am.Bleaching is changing your natural skin tone which later affects your skin during your prime ages.It will mess you up but it is a free world.

Natural beauty is much appreciated especially if you accept yourself.Peer pressure can lead you into doing some stupid stuff just to seek approval and compliments from people .Why waste your time rebuilding yourself?Why hate yourself over petty issues?No one can love you like you love yourself.The moment you accept who you are and stand firm on it,your self esteem and self worth will always be stable.I know it aint easy but the only way you will have consistency is by minding negative people and associating yourself with positive people.Beauty is not about how sexy or admirable you are,it is much more about character and personality.How do you handle yourself?How do you deal with your past?It takes courage and zeal and confidence.Assertiveness is very important,personally,I am one assertive and confident woman.Negativity has always been my push through,it makes me work more harder and smarter.You cannot keep proving your beauty to people and seeking approval for it.Look yourself at the mirror,the person you see is your most loyal and unique friend,and that is you.

Fakerism is the most difficult problem happening among the youths and one needs to discover himself and know what his or her priorities are in life.Why fake your personality to get admiration and approvals?How would you feel when the truth is finally exposed?You may say that you do not care but the moment the pressure increases,you will end up having low self esteem.Personally,I always keep my life so real and true and it has caused me pain and anguish but I came to realize that whether you are a good or bad person,people will always judge you.Fakerism is like a weed,the more you water it,the more it grows but if you uproot it,it will wilter.Do not do things for people but for yourself.I used to prove myself to people and seek approval from people but all I got was insults,judgement and bullying It was the most painful moment but I take it positively because it has taught me to be more positive and rational.I do not regret anything that I did in my past because I would not have learnt some of the things I have learnt today,so my reader,be wise and do not blame yourself for anything but instead change the story.The ending is what matters and how you react.Irrational behaviour is a choice.Excuses are just mild stones but realness is a treasure.It takes courage to accept your past and it takes confidence to share it out.I will not stop telling people about my past experiences because I would not want someone to go through what I did.Silence is gold..positivity has turned me into a very rational and more mature person.I chose to set my priorities right and straight because I am the leader of my life and I owe no one an explanation.The person who judges you,is envious of how strong you are,they expected your downfall and storm not to end but once you outgrew it and became whole and new,it pricks their soul.Never let negativity to take you back but instead let it take you two steps ahead.

Dresscode can be defined in so many ways.I will focus on personal dresscode and fashion sense.It is all about what you like to wear and what suits you.No one is entitled to control how you dress..The fact that I like mini skirts and dresses,shorts,cleavages,jeans and many more does not define my inner soul.Yes,they say if you dress like a whore, you will be called a whore,who said wearing short clothes makes one a whore?This is so wrong,it is high time people change their perspective towards things.One may dress like a nun or priest but deep inside he or she is the perfect epitome of wickedness and cheapness.How someone dresses does not entail their character.How someone talks and behaves is what matters.Do not have that impact of looking at someone’s dressing and be fooled.Get to know that person yourself.Haters will always exist but that should not make you feel inferior.Girl if you want to slay,go ahead and do it,let no one make you feel unworthy.Boy,if you wanna rock like Jidenna or Chris Brown go ahead.It is one’s personal choice on what kind of dresscode and fashion sense he or she wants but do not go to the extreme and forget your self respect and dignity!

That is all for today,I leave you with this quote,learn to accept responsibility for your mistakes and always respect people because what goes around comes around,never judge someone for you do not know why he or she did that.Just like sauti sol and nyashinski’s song :Jiangalie☺

Have an awesome weekend💗


Hey people…today we are going to deal with past events that we usually shun off anytime we get flashbacks of them.Well,I would not recommend that because the more you swallow in the anguish the more harder it becomes for you to move on.You become so packed up in a circle of misery and guilt.Here are some few secrets that will help you in dealing with this situation.

Firstly,write down all the awful experiences you have down on a piece of paper..analyse the cause of this event and think it over.Once you are done ..look at the changes that have occured in your life,both positive and negative.Take the positive results only.

Secondly,use the positive vybes to overcome the negative vybes.Focus on the good things you have achieved by undergoing such painful experiences.Ask yourself these questions,what can i do to become much better each day?Can i always start afresh? Once you do this, you will see that these events happened for a reason and at a season.You will see that not only has it changed your perspective towards things but also your attitude.

Thirdly,let it go.The moment you throw away this package,you will attain inner peace and comfort.You will feel like a heavy cross has been taken off your back.You will even talk about your experiences with others and even laugh about it.You will become much more stronger psychologically and u will make much more productive decisions.

Fourthly,never regret.Regret is one of the many weeds in our lives.It is up to you to uproot them or keep watering them.The moment you start blaming yourself about these events,you end up being stressed up and it can lead to low self esteem.You will then become depressed and traumatized which can lead you into doing stupid things.

Fifthly,never compare.Do not try to compare your past events with someone elses.We all have our own packages and this will make you to becone judgemental and irrational.Accept yourself just as you are.Do not do things to seek appreciation from people,it will just tear you apart.Live your life and all will be well.

Lastly,share it out.Sometimes sharing your past events with people helps you to feel relieved but this does not work for everyone.Personally,I like sharing my past so as to help others.It makes me happy when I reconstruct somebody’s path before they overlap.Yes,I have been judged,insulted,bullied and all but it has turned me into a strong woman without limits.It has made me work much more harder but in a smart way.It has nurtured me into a more responsible and rational person.

I believe this secrets will help you to boost up your mentality towards past experiences.Remember that negativity brings your downfall,positivity causes uplift.Have a wonderful night!

Check this out too👇


Hey fans…today i want us to talk about disappointments ….heartbreaks…betrayal..embarassments and disloyalty.Life is like a lemon but its up to you to make it sweet or more bitter.We have all kinds of people in life and not everyone will like and approve your personality.Rational behaviour is a very important thing in handling this challenges.You need to accept the situation then get to the root of what caused it then come up with solutions.If u make mistakes make sure you take responsibility.

Personally,this year has been one tough journey for me.I have given up a couple of times but the ending was sweet.I ended up getting more blessings.Most things happen for a reason and you need to look at the postive side of things.Do not stress yourself over past events.It will cause more trauma and depression and personally I know what it feels when you think that you have reached the end of the road.You feel as if you are of no value and you just wanna die.Well guess what,this will not solve your problems but instead cause more pain and anguish.

Now here are some tips on how to overcome this challenges.Firstly,learn to let go .The more you hold on to something,the more pain you undergo.It will turn you into an irrational person and you will always want to fight the ones who caused you pain.Well fighting them will not help just assume them and if possible block them out of your life and start afresh..You owe no one  any explanation for your past mistakes and even the present ones.Not everyone will approve your presence in their lives .Even Jesus Christ had haters and he succeeded in the end.

Secondly,seek help from a professional or a reliable acquintance.Diving yourself in a pool of misery and guilt is not productive or healthy .Talking to someone releases that anger and you will avoid doing irrational things.

Thirdly,forget about the past.Do not keep reminding yourself about the past.Yes it will always exist but what is your aftermath?Will you keep crucifying yourself?No one is perfect and let no one make you feel lesser of a person.

Fourthly,Get a hobby and discover your talents.Personally mine is writing and listening to music.It helps me feel relieved and at peace .It gives me motivation to work harder and smarter so as to become the woman I want to be.Do not expect things to be like a bed of roses.Thorns have to be there so as to finesse you .

Fifthly,Engage yourself with good company .We all want to be loved and to be accepted but not everyone will give you this and that is okay.You rather have one friend than a bunch of fake asses for friends.Have productive friends who will stand by you in your good and bad times.

Sixthly,put God first.He is our creator and you are the receiver.He has given you a platform to showcase your dreams and ambitions.Be humble and appreciative.Bragging and comparing will not help you.Do something to fulfill you and not to prove someone wrong .Let people talk..they will always comment and criticize whether you are good or not.Know yourself and love yourself.

Lastly,the beginning and climax does not matter,the ending is the treasure.It is the peak of the mountain.It is up to you to rebuild it .Do it while the metal is still hot so that you can make it straight again.

Have a lovely night and remember,a pack of wolves is just a pack but a single wolf can lead a whole pack.


There is always something for everyone in each problem…Beauty is determined by how you take care of  yourself and most of all, what you eat will have an effect on your body and I would like to major on the skin,specifically,the ten fruits that  keep your skin glowing but first let me start by stating what the skin entails..The skin is the largest organ of the body.It protects us from microbes, helps regulate body temperature and permits the sensations of touch, heat and cold.

​Fruits are very important when it comes to maintaining that glow and radiancy on the skin.Why bother going for tanning and all when fruits are all over? These top 10 fruits are the key to acquiring that glow that will make you look amazing and most of all,will maintain that youthful bliss.

​Let us now begin listing these treasures that are the secret to avoiding an awful look that will make you loose your self esteem.


It contains malic acid that is gentler than other acids used in beauty treatment.This acid promotes firm youthful skin by renewing skin cells without damaging the skin layer.Apples have high fibre content that helps to clean out the colon and promotes regular bowel movements hence promoting clear pimple_free skin.


It contains biotin or vitamin B7 that promotes cell regeneration and growth of hair and nails.Fatty acids in it help to provide skin with essential lubrications which promotes youthful glowing skin.


It contains potassium that moisturizes and hydrates the skin making it look fuller and more supple.It has vitamin A, B and E.The nutrients maintain the elasticity of skin, moisturises, prevents premature aging and wrinkles, soften and rejuvenates, fades dark spots and blemishes.


Contains vitamin C that boosts immune system and keeps skin looking younger and fresher.


It naturally lightens and tightens skin.It promotes an even tone by reducing acne marks and blemishes.It deep cleanses the skin by breaking down any grime clogging the pores.


The papain enzyme counters free_radical skin damage and helps heal damaged skin by speeding up cell regeneration.


It has antioxidants that reverse free_ radical skin damage.


Promotes digestion to release toxins from the body.


It has an enzyme known as biomelain which extoliates skin when used.It hydrates and softens skin from inside out and lightens blemishes resulting to clearer looking skin.The juice helps to clear off dead skin and reveal beautiful glowing skin.


It contains an anti_oxidant called ellagic acid to prevent wrinkle formation and guards UV damage.It contains salicylic acid for acne treatment..

This marks the end of the too ten hidden treasures that will make your skin glow and brighten up making you look attractive and radiant.

​Have an awesome evening and here at rebzville we say, always keeping it real and just be you!♥


Hey men….I hope you are out there ….Today I am going to be less linient with you because it has come to my attention that most of you do not even know gold when you have one..what do I mean? You have an amazing girlfriend and she adores you, loves you, sacrifices anything and everything for you , she is so loyal and most of all, she spends most of her time making sure you are on the right track but you do not notice that.You treat her as if she is your maid, you make her feel insecure when she is with you, you order her around, you speak shit to her infront of your friends and when she decides to spend time with her male friends you call her cheap!?? Listen to me and listen real good..being protective and all towards your queen does not mean you take it overboard.If your girl has more male friends than females its because she likes it that way…especially if she has faced horror having females as friends.The worst mistake is to undergrade a potential girlfriend and toss her away…you will come to regret it amd by the time you do, she will have left you and moved on.

The fact that your girlfriend tolerates all your flaws and never judges you ..doesn’t mean she is not hurting.She keeps her pain to herself because she wants you to feel good about yourself.A lady who stands by your side from your lowest level in your life till your prime is a gem…but instead of you seeing that, you start complaining how she does this …how she is free with her male pals and any other males, how she talks alot blah blah….niggah you need to open your eyes…you cannot change her personality just to satisfy your interests..the fact that you proposed to her…means you had studied her at wholesome and you were comfortable with how she was and all, so why you trying to make her feel less of a person? The moment she will find a man who notices her perfections, you will be dumped and she will live to regret ever having you in her life.If you knew she was not your type , why did you make her yours knowing fully you will not treat her like she deserves? This nonsense has to stop…do not think that you are admired for being a trickster, for messing up a girl’s heart who gave herself to you 100%..karma is real and the moment you will face a tragedy you will wish that you never broke her heart.

The same way you demand for space …is the same way she would want hers.The fact that she wants to be with her girl crew or male crew does not mean she does not want your company and most of all do not mistake her own time with her pals for not seeing you as a value in her life!! It does not work that way!! A relationship can never work if one of you is insecure of the other..it is like the way you trust a doctor to diagnose you….

A man who spends most of his time with his niggahs when his girlfriend has come to see him needs a thorough check up on himself…There is nothing that pisses off a lady than a man who does not give her attention and affection.It makes her feel as if she is forcing herself on you.She will start avoiding you till the time you realize that she deserves more than just sex.What makes you think that sex is everything in a relationship? A couple that builds each other and do inventions of their empire together is a terrific relationship but fuckery relationship is just a waste of time because its always about sex.

Do you know how many men your girl has shunned off because of you? The moment you call your lady cheap , it brings the storm down.She will truly give you a piece of her mind and if you cannot man up and apologize for being such a dushberge…she will make a step and chuck herself out of your life.You have to know that not all women are the same….if you do not want a hyper girlfriend, find a quiet one…No one forced you to make her yours in the first place so nothing warrants you to hurting her.

Love is not a fairytale….if you think love is like what happens in the movies, then you must be a real dreamer….love has its dark and bright side…there are times of good harvest and there are times of bad harvest.If you cannot handle a woman who deserves nothing but the best just stick to being single as you were till the moment you will have the guts to settle down with a queen.

Remember even roses have thorns and too much of something is poisonous.This marks the end of this topic ….Always keeping it real..just be you!! Have a merry christmas and a happy new year!!


 Now that you have known all the skills needed in finding that woman who will be your ride or die…why dont we look at some of the things required so as to maintain this beautiful gem..You have ignored this lady a couple of times but she still sticks in your inbox all day everyday and the moment you realize that you are special in her life, you take the next step and ask her to be your queen.She says yes and you are now a quality one brand couple.This is a big responsibility and alot of expectations come with it…..First of all..showering your woman with all kinds of frenzies and ‘chochas’ is the most stupid thing .Do not waste her time trying to make her feel good yet deep inside you just want her to be by your side so as to show your niggah squad how you scored a 3 pointer just like that.Women are unique creatures..and they have they own way of knowing realness and fakeness.

Secondly , do not try to provoke your woman by putting up pictures of other women in your social media while holding them in a intimate way.This will make her view you differently..She will feel so insecure and she will start looking at the flaws which dont even exist on her body and personality.She will get extremely jelous and she will not trust you 100% because you have shown her that you two are having what i call a sugarcoated relationship which will only end up expiring and the woman will end up being so heartbroken.

Thirdly, learn to be you..what do I mean? Do not try to be someone who you are not in the name of pleasimg your woman because if she finds out the truth, you will end up bring a bachelor all over again and in this error, it is not easy getting that diamond of a lady who will end up being your world.Let her love and adore for who are, we call it ‘mapenzi hisia.’

Fourthly, do not view your woman just as your woman …ensure that she is your bestfriend ..make her your solid rock and learn to make her feel that without her you are nothing but a tasteless currie ..but that does not mean you let her control you as she wants …be your own inner boss and if both of you are happy and contented then all will be well….

This marks the end of this segment ….I believe you got some tools here and there …just be you and always keep it real!