Chapter 1


Shanice was a young girl who had just joined university.She used to study bachelor of law at The University of Nairobi.She had very rich parents who gave her everything her heart desired.Shanice was a humble social lady who had a heart of gold.
She was known for her enthusiasm and generosity. Everybody wanted to be her friend.During a lunch break after her morning classes,she was approached by a certain man.
“Hey Shanice my name is Justin,I have had a lot about you.”Shanice was mesmerized and said,”Really am so amazed.”Justin sat next to her and the story began.
One month later,they had already become good friends.They used to spend much time together despite Justin being a medical student.Everything seemed like a dream to her and she knew that there was something between her and Justin.
Unexpectedly,Shanice became sick.She was diagnosed with leukemia. She fell into deep depression.Life changed completely for her.Her parents always supported her all the way.Justin stood by her side all the way.
End of chapter one


Hey Guys, I hope you all woke up well , today is such a beautiful morning and I am just from watching the J K live interview whereby Jeff Koinange hosted Bien, Erick Wainaina and Khaligraph Jones about the Wajinga Nyinyi song by King Kaka.As I sit down and carefully listen to this discussion it hits me up that Kenya needs a 360 degrees turn on how situations have always been handled because its affecting our growth and development as a country.The truth that is in the Wajinga Nyinyi song stabbed a lot of politicians out there because everything said in it was nothing but mere facts.For how long will we entertain nonsense from people who we call leaders.As citizens, why should we appoint leaders who bring havock in our lives other than change.It is high time we stop being corrupt but instead erupt positive deeds that will build our nation and take it to a higher notch.

Take a look at the rate of unemployment among the youth.This issue is becoming a daily song and no one is taking it seriously.You will find that a leader from somewhere wants to start a plan on how to create jobs for the youth during his election campaign but once he or she gets elected, nothing will happen.Why would a country endure such flaws after we fought hard to gain independence but our leaders are making us feel like we are in captivity once again?

Now, the education sector needs a thorough check up because some of its disadvantages are more than its advantages.Let us analyse the way the so called certificate and diploma courses are handled in public and private universities, why would a student work so hard to get credit in his or her certifacte and diploma course then goes to apply for a degree and is denied that chance because of the KCSE grade that he or she attained?Isn’t that ridiculous?What makes you think that life is over once you score that KCSE grade?Why create polytechnics yet once the degree level is needed no one will admit that student and yet we call it the ‘right way’ of running our education system!It is high time this issue is worked on and the government stated that changes will happen and each student will be con sidered but we are waiting to see that change.You need to understand that not every student will get As and Bs and Cs thus you need to have a plan on what to do when a student starts from certificate level then goes to diploma but faces terror and pain when looking for a degree course in various universities.This is why the suicidal cases and drug misuse cases are increasing day by day because we have impacted on the youth that education is everything and without it you cannot have a stepping stone.Why can’t we also know that skills and talents can take someone to a better place?Why is it that when a child goes to the parent and tells the mum or dad about doing courses like mixology, deejaying, dancing, music and many more it is seen as a joke?Stop forcing a child to do something that he or she is not comfortable with!Each child has his or her own IQ level and you cannot persuade them to become something they are not!

The medical facilities are also a great problem in this country.We speak about free medical care but still some expenses come with it ..what happens to those people who cannot afford better health care services.Yes, we have insurance and loans but for how long will that happen.Where does all that tax money go to?We need to have a change in the society.We cannot be loosing lives and new born babies because of thirst for money.For how long will kids die just because the mother cannot afford the vaccinations like BCG.Surely, for how long will these animal called FGM occur among the women.Female Genital Mutilation is a no go zone and it is high time people realize that some cultural practices are outdated and that this is a new era.You cannot go practicing FGM, early marriages, planned marriages by parents for their kids and many more practices in the name of maintaining your culture!Stop living in fantasy and ignorance.Style up.

The rate at which we are having power outage and problem in sanitation upkeep is becoming a thunderstone problem.We need to have good drainange systems especially for the sewage output and even distribution of water in all places.Power outage has become a major problem and it is becoming nerve wrecking.It is high time a change happens and it needs to happen fast.

I believe you have seen all these issues and we cannot change this country if we keep lagging behind, change starts with you and me.Let us be cautious while choosing our leaders because the aftermath affects us negatively or positively.Have a nice day!


Life has its own way of putting us in different paths,but how you surpass those steps is what matters the most!

Hey Guys,I hope you are all good and ready for this content that is about to hit you,take a seat and relax because this is going to be a good ride.Well,life has a whole bunch of steps and that is why we gonna call it, the staircase. I wanna look at this situation from the personal perspective.What are your dreams and ambitions?How do you handle challenges?What is the best way to handle a tough situation?What are your priorities in life?You need to ask yourself these questions because that is the only way you are going to be an efficient driver of this journey. Well,let me give my own story and I surely hope it will touch someone out there. I love using my own stories to inspire people out there and you need to view yours from a positive way instead of complaining all the time. Take it as a reference book!

My dream has always been to be a journalist but that could not happen because of the grade I got in highschool thus I had to accept fate and start from the lower side.I started my college studies in 2017,I had joined Kenya Wildlife School Training Institution in Naivasha where i was undertaking a certificate course in nature interpretation and tourism management. One thing for sure is that I never liked that course and I was never interested in it so I never took it seriously. When we came for the holidays in July I told my parents the truth and they were disappointed but gave me a chance to do what I was passionate about,I chose to do a certificate in corporative management in September 2017_August 2018 and I graduated with a credit at The Corporative University of Kenya,Karen.

I was so happy and satisfied because this was the start of something productive and fulfilling. I started my diploma in marketing in September 2018_August 2019 and I went for attachment at City Hall then graduated in 6th December,2019 with a credit.I was very happy,it was the best day of my life because I had finally become the woman I wanted to be. Marketing is my talent and I got the papers to venture into it but as you remember my dream was to become a journalist. Today I have finally achieved that dream because I am going to pursue a bachelor in journalism and I cannot just wait to start my classes.I fought hard to be where I am today and it seemed like I would never get here but I finally did.

Well,my dear readers,my story is a perfect definition of a mind blowing journey that seemed to be drowning my energy and mind set but I chose to take it positively and give it my all because I swore to myself that I will become a journalist no matter what it takes and here I am about to begin my classes. Do not give up in life and do not try to put yourself in someone elses journey yet you do not know what they did to get there. You have to write down your own story. It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice to achieve something. Just because it does not happen immediately, it does not mean you loose hope. If you give it your all you will surely achieve anything and everything you want.

Do not rely on people to support you in pursuing your dreams.Stop trying to prove yourself.Do it for you and for you only.Learn to be patient and consistent.I hope and believe that you have learnt something and have a wonderful night!


Hey Guys,I hope you are all good,how about you take that relaxation drink of yours and sit up and join me in this flow.Well,life has its way of giving us different experiences everyday and that is what I call the daily dosage.It holds a lot of responsibilities and sacrifices and I am gonna take you through them step by step.

Firstly,you need to realise that whatever you are going through is totally different from what someone else is undergoing,thus do not try to compare your life with someone else’s.Why would you waste your time trying to be like someone else yet you do not even know half of what they do just to display that picture?Don’t you want to have your own book of events?Stop trying to compete with people,make your own formulas and lead your own life and learn to mind your own business and be your own boss.

Secondly,you need to have consistency.You cannot run your daily activities without being consistent.For example,if you are supposed to go to work at 6am and you wake up at 5:45am, that will lead you into rubbing shoulders with your boss because you will be late for work and if you keep being late ,you will even loose your job,so sacrifice your sleep and grind hard because you have bills to pay and things to cater for.

Thirdly,stop living in the past.If you wanna become a better person with a new chapter in life,you have to shed off the breakings and build up a new stature,there is no need of complaining all the time or feeling less of a person.Breakings make us stronger and it teaches us life lessons.This will make you be an example to the rest who are undergoing such a situation.

Fourthly,learn to keep your circle small.You do need to have a whole package of friends who add no value in your life .Most of these friends are not even genuine,they will make you deteriorate and end up doing things you will regret,some will betray you and others will use you for their own benefits so choose your friends wisely.Who is a friend?A friend is someone who you can trust and rely on,someone who will always stand by your side and not judge you,someone who is your second family,so if the friends you have right now do not fit into that definition,you better cut them off.One true friend is better than a bunch of fake and worthless friends.

Fifthly,maintain your standards and principles.Learn to be on the ground and do not change your lifestyle or do something to impress people which will lead you into lowering your self esteem and becoming depressed or stressed.Why would you want recognition from people?Why would you want to prove yourself to doubting Thomases?Are you that desperate?Stop living in fantasy and be yourself and if someone is not okay with that they can step out because you are not gonna edit your core values and beliefs just to be known and adored.

Lastly,learn to put God first in everything you do.That morning breath you take when you wake up is not a joke but a privilege from God.Do you know how many people die in a day?Do you know how many people are lying in hospital beds by the help of an oxygen tank?You better be grateful and loyal to God because He can turn your life around!Be humble and treat everyone with respect and etiquette.

I hope you have learnt a thing or two and if you are feeling like giving up ,don’t!Be persistent and tolerant and let nothing stop you from achieving your goals!Have a great evening.


Hey guys,it has been like forever since I wrote to you guys and am sorry for that but guess what,I am back now and I have of lot of pieces for you to read,so sit yourself down and follow me.:)Today I want us to talk about silence as from the topic above, its all about ‘the safe.’What do I mean?A safe is a place where you store something and you are the only one who has access to it.It also relates with real life situations and a weapon to peace of mind and happiness and that is why silence is our safe.

photography of a man wearing steampunk sunglasses
Photo by Alex Alexander on Pexels.com

Silence is one of the most powerful serenity valuables to hitting up the challenges and success missions in one’s life.It takes a lot of tolerance and self control for one to achieve this.I know it sounds weird and maybe odd why one would choose to sew herself or himself in a lining of pure silence when around people but trust me,it is priceless and it will help you in maintaining your happiness level at 100 %.The more you talk less and mind your business,the more people will always want to know what is going on in your daily affairs.They will always want to have a reason to be around you so as to know what is it that makes you so engaged in your own world.This is a positive move because no one will be able to stress you up and they will not know your weaknesses or strengths because you only open up when necessary.

You can imagine when you talk too much to just everyone and you tell them so much sauce about your life’s circle then they end up using it against you or even misunderstanding you,you will end up getting hurt to an extent that you will question your self esteem and more importantly,your self worth.You need to be social but in a wise and productive way.Yes,we are all humans and we get angry and provoked but does that mean you have to retaliate or revenge?What difference will it  make when you get back at the person who hurt you?Will it make you a better person?It will just make you bitter and aggressive in that you will end up looking foolish and irrational.You need to have patience and that positive attitude of silence.If someone decides to insult,judge or make fun of you or show you some mean actions,just keep quiet it will show them how much you treasure your inner peace and how you are mature.It will make them feel vulnerable in that they will have no way against you because they know you are busy minding your business and being you.

Personally,I used to always get back at anyone who crossed my path or even did something bad to me till the day that I discovered that it only turned me into something worse,so,I chose to try out the silence technique and it has been working perfectly for me,I have not been online for some time now and it made me discover a lot of stuff,people will talk to you only if they want something from you or even for the sake of it,some will come to you just to know your inner self then hurt you,some will come to you with good intentions,some will come to tarnish your image or better still use you for their benefit,you have to learn to be smart and authentic,just don’t talk without thinking about the outcome of it.Make sure what you speak defines who you are as a person.Do not do things to please the crowd but do it for yourself.

Learn how to be an independent soldier,do not keep following up with people as if you have no priorities in life or goals to achieve.Make yourself busy and when someone shows you a different approach of things from yours and you feel uncomfortable then just move ahead,you cannot keep rolling yourself in a depth of negativity and expect not to get hurt.So long as what you are doing in your life is productive and essential to your future,do not mind what people will say.We all go through these tests in life but how we handle them is what matters.Not everyone will always have your back or be real with you,so be true to your own self.

Relationships are there for us to have that company in life.It may be with a friend,relative or even lover but do not let that make you forget yourself and turn you into a two faced person.Learn to stick to your ground and love yourself first before loving anyone else, that is the only way that you can love others.You cannot give another person love yet you are bitter and selfish to yourself.So guys there you go,the key and secret to having an amazing and fruitful life cycle,SILENCE!

I leave you with this one last quote,do unto others what you would want them to do to you,have a purpose for everything that you do and always prioritize the major things first.Have an amazing and blissful weekend!






They say that love is like a rose it has lovely petals but also thorns.This clearly shows us that love is both sweet and bitter,it has its ups and downs and to make it worse,you sometimes fail to get back the same love you offer someone.

Hey guys,I hope you are okay and ready for one exquisite piece,take your snack and be ready for one hell of a ride.Well,today I wanna talk about what I call,’The Hidden.’This is all about love that is between two people but it cannot be finalised because of certain circumstances.This is whereby you will feel cuffed in a time jar of sweet but bitter affection because you cannot take your friendship to the next level.The feeling is mutual as we all say but what if things were different,what if you were able to be in each others arms without using the backward method of hidden adventures.It could be so sweet and epic since you will be spending it with that one person you love and trust.

The moments are made up in different ways.The meet ups are enclosed and secretive.The communication is effective but in a planned way.The romance is so enticing and addictive that it makes you feel like you are in your own planet.The moment you begin to make love is the moment things start to change.You view each other differently and strive to always compliment each other and be more careful and responsible.You want to write this story in a different phase but fate cannot let it happen because the one you love has been taken by someone else and its so official that you cannot do anything about it so you just have to be the second diamond but lets look at it from this view,as the second carrier,he gives you more attention,he ensures that you are okay and he would not want to mess things up because he would have lost you forever.

He always strives to make sure you are satisfied and comfortable.He tries as much as he can to make you feel like you the only woman in his life but in reality you are the second of which you know but you decided to go for this lowkey engagement other than being candid and formal.You make him feel so special and you treat him like the good man that he is,you may even get more addicted to an extent that if you do not see him everything gets messed up.You are gonna rant,shout,argue and he is gonna listen and handle you because despite the fact that you cannot have each other he still sees you as his treasure.A treasure that every other man wants to have but he turned out to be the lucky one.He is the one who hits it right,he is the one who sees those juicy surplus goodies that no other man will have.Your own relationship gets adjourned because of this bind with him but it does not hurt you because he takes you to a whole new level.You even wonder whether you will feel the same vibe and contigence with another man when you finally decide to settle down.You would want your own man to show you the same love and affection and sexual satisfaction.But one day you will just have to move on and create your own love story with no third wheel involved.

The times will change and you will feel a deep pain but you cannot be the second thread for life unless you dont want to have a family and kids.This is love ,it happens in the most mysterious ways.In ways which are so unimaginable and unexpected.The hidden love!Have a good night!😎


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Hey guys,I hope you are good and set to be in the world of a writer just for a moment.Well I sat down today and came to think of this personality of ‘a protected man’ and trust me such a man is very interesting to hang around with and he will fill your life with laughter and wise words.Despite the fact that he always tries to avoid weird situations and tries to showcase his real self,he will always be protected everywhere he goes starting from his own woman,then goes his own boss,followed by his workmates and even his own siblings especially his sister.Well,that may seem all fun and roses but there is a limit to all these.You may find that there are some annoying situations whereby all those parties may cross his path just to ensure he is on the safe side.Personally,I would say that is over rated because you cannot keep following someone’s life as if you own it.You need to give this person space and a chance for him to execute his own ideas and goals.

You will even find that his sister or even boss is always on his case especially at the office which has become a trend.I find it very annoying and a turn off for someone to keep checking on my life statures as if I have no well being or rather a thinking capacity.You need to let someone face the bumps and huddles of life.The protected one is almost similar to a mama’s boy whereby he is answerable to everyone who thinks they are in charge of his life.You may even find that back in the office,his boss even contacts his wife just to give details of how he is stressed or even if he has not eaten.I would find that annoying cause as my boss you have no mandate to talk to my husband telling him how my day is going back at the office.You need to have boundaries and know your place in someone’s life.

The different ways of handling a protected one are rather simple because he himself is already in a nut shell of whatever he does,he knows that there are people watching him closely just to wait for him to make a mistake and boom they will all through shades.The protected one likes his life to be private,he takes risks after weighing out the outcomes just to see whether it is worth it.He knows who is real and fake in his life.He always tries as much as he can to do his best in his workplace and also as a father.You can imagine how hard it is to live in a world where everyone is on your case always wanting to know what you are up to.He is afraid of being suspected or even accused falsely.

The most funny thing about the protected one is that he will be over powered by someone who is totally different from him.Picture this scenario when he meets a person who is a go getter,one who does not really care what people say or think but is always ready for the worst.This is when the protected one will be challenged.The most difficult thing is when he is forced to do things that he wouldn’t wanna do.Personally,I would not want to lead the life of the protected one because I love my own privacy.Definitely,I would snipe on you if you tried to invade my space in the name of having my back.If my work in the office is to deal with certain issues then let it be so but when it comes to my private life it is better for you to keep off.

The protected one can either be an introvert or an extrovert but most of the time you will find that he is an extrovert and that is why he will  be protected in one of the most odd and extreme ways.I have a friend who is protected but I always wonder how he survives having people snapping in his life issues starting from his boss to his wife to his sister.I do not get how and why someone would be so protective as if am that vulnerable.But only a few get to know the real him.

The protected one even wins the place of a mama’s boy because he has no time of his own and is always under someone’s shade.It is time for people to stop living in fantasy and stand up for what they  believe in,only you can be the author of your life.Always aspire to be yourself no matter what the situation and most importantly always shun off negativity because you will find that most people will have something against you or are even envious about you.I hope you grasped something,have an awesome night.


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Hey people,I hope you are all ready to read this amazing piece.Well,we have moments when we feel like we are not fitting in and we feel like there is a spark missing.We feel like there are something that has been edited in our lives.Well it is high time you stop feeling this way and stop giving up.Life has a lot of bumpy rides and it is up to you to decide what you really want.It is either you stop lamenting and gist harder or keep feeling sorry for yourself.There is no way you will prosper if you do not undergo a few flaws in life so as to sharpen you up.

You need to have patience as you venture in this dream,you need to realize that even a caterpillar takes time to get out of that cocoon in order to become that beautiful and attractive butterfly.You have self zeal,faith and commitment.You may be undertaking medicine or any other course or you may be working in an office but you feel like giving up but it is up to you to decide whether you want a degree or even a promotion in that office.The only person who can rule  your life is you.Be your own boss.

You need to set your priorities straight.You need to choose the important stuff and let go of the petty stuff.For example,instead of going out for parties consistently,how about you start saving up and later own get that car you have always wanted and even start up your own business.You need to learn how to make sacrifices and you need to take risks.An entrepreneur will take a risk despite the fact he or she will get a loss or even not get the high profit he or she wanted.You will find that a company has to trust its employees so as to get that better quality service for their clients.Now that is called having that taste for risk and sometimes it may  be tough but you to hold your shoulders high.

Feeling sorry about yourself or not having that enduring spirit is the worst mistake you could ever do because you will end up doing things that will mess up your whole journey and it will make you start right up from square one.So how about you work on those distortions and make a re brand of it and finally acquire your aspirations.It takes a lot of hard work so as to reach this point and you need to shun off the negative attributes and deal with the positive attributes.You need to know this is for me,myself and I.Do not do something in order to prove someone wrong or to impress someone .Learn to stick to your beliefs and standards.

Always put God first in everything that you do.He will always guide you and stick by your side.Moreover,you can have a mentor who will assist you in carrying out this venture and even luckily,you will get a couple of friends who will support you.Learn to associate yourself with real people who add value in your life and not with people who pull you a step back bringing nothing but chaos and destruction.

As I wind up,I hope you grasped a thing or two.I want you to always remember this quote that no matter what you go through always know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.Even a hunter goes after a prey despite not knowing whether he will catch it or not.Have a good evening.


accomplishment action adult adventure

The tears,the anguish,the betrayals,the heartbreaks,the despair,the disappointments and many more bumps that happens within each season…

Hey there guys,hope you all good,how about you get a snack and sit back and enjoy the moments of this article.We all have different kinds of puzzles but today i am gonna deal with the disappointment puzzle,I call it enchanted though it holds other more puzzles.Sometimes you just do not get what you wanted or even expected and it always holds us down depending on its intensity.You feel like you wanna lock yourself up and wallow in pain and anguish but you choose to get yourself up and deal with it and move on.The world has all kinds of people and it does not take rocket science for you to know that we have real bonding and fake bonding.

Real bonding and fake bonding are easy to relate with and you will be able to know who belongs in either of the two.You need to be careful with the people that you receive in your circle.Do not get me wrong,no man is an island but you need to be very decisive and accurate.The earlier you know this,the better for you.Personally,I love keeping my circle open,but deep inside I will have studied your motives and played along to your music but definitely I will know when the viper strikes and I will be ten steps ahead of you.The moment you know what your guard is you will be able to deal with what is coming for you.

Disappointments do not occur in friendships only as said above they occur in families too.It is shocking that in this time and error even your own kin can betray you.It is not applicable for someone who you share the same blood with to vent away from you but this is exactly why you need to trust yourself and depend on yourself.We have had incidents where a family member can even kill you out of feeling threatened or seeing you as the most loved ,we can have a father raping his own daughter,it gets worse each and everyday.Life is one boomerang that hits us in all ways and corners and it takes a lot of time for you to know what really has your back at a better place.

The most dire moments in life not only makes us weaker but also stronger.One of the things you need tho have is high self esteem and self worth.You need to know that no matter what anyone tells you,it will not break you down or make you feel inferior and unworthy,you need to have a plan and mission on the important things in your life such as getting a good job,graduating and many more things other than fighting over petty stuff.Let them call it upgraded and pride so long as you know who you are and what you want in life,that is all that matters.

The most precious moments precious in life is when you have inner peace with yourself.The feeling is just amazing.The sacrifices that you make along the way then you end up achieving your goals gives you that feeling of wanting to go harder.I hope I have touched a reader out there!











As I look into your eyes,your smile makes me feel like am floating up above beneath the split sky….

Hey there fans,I hope you all had a good day.Today I want us to talk about sex.YES,SEX!We all know that is very important to know matters concerning the heart and today I will reflect majorly on the importance of sex in relationships.A relationship is built upon a lot of things and it takes times to have that one stable juiciness that we all desire and the so called couple goals but most people shun off intimacy in the name of moral values and celibacy.Do not get me wrong,celibacy is a very priceless virtue and fornication is not a doing preference but for those who indulge in intimate affairs,this is your spot.

Sex is a very magical and exquisite affair that contains different feelings and aftermath consequences.It involves getting deeper into the relationship by knowing and interacting with what lies beneath your partners clothes.It takes two to tango and if you have not come to a unison agreement,it will not be enjoyable.Sex gives one a platform of the beauty and hidden agenda underneath your partner’s physical stature.It enables one to gain an onset on what he or she loves and what makes her loose himself or herself during that moment.It gives lovers a chance to feel the warmth and sweetness blend in each others core and reach a place of magical exposure,

Sex can bring a lot of benefits in a relationship if taken seriously and done in accordance to the sex flow.One gets to make memories and try out new stuff and even get more freaky depending on one’s personality.The moment you begin to embrace this amazing experience,you will discover the things that your lover can do because your adrenaline levels are way up above normal and you just want to get down to business.It brings about correlation between you and your partner and gives the both of you an epic flex of inner sweetness.It affects ones physical and psychological aspects depending on how it is done.

Sex builds a relationship by showing your partner that you trust them by betrothing their private parts to them and it gives one that sense of appreciation and tender romance that fills one heart  with endless beats of magical glimpse and makes one try out amazing ways of making your partner get that one good orgasm that can make their mood be fulfilling for a long time.It makes one feel contented in that,you get satisfied by your one and only and no one else can replace that feeling for you,

Sex has its own way of binding two lovers in a gilt combo that causes nothing but frequent essence of romance that gives one that one of a kind satisfaction from all angles.You cannot have sex with someone who you do not have a mutual bond with,sex among lovers is like making love out of the unexpected advances,it involves a lot of awesome moments unlike this one night stands or hit and run affairs or even friends with benefits escapades.It is special and unique and occurs at its own natural flow.

You have to understand that sex also has its consequences,it can either cause joy or sorrow because if one does not get what he or she expected,it will bring forth issues and even lead to cheating.People think that sex is just a by the way but little do they know it defines a part of a relationship and if not taken with high seriousness it can bring a huge downfall and series of heartbreaks.If you are not ready to go out of the way to satisfy your lover,then you better just avoid having sex.

I believe that you have established an insight on the importance of sex and you will work on it with your partner.Before I close this session,I would like you to subscribe to a my friend’s,Yung Dolla you tube channel below and subscribe and also share:


Those  are just a few of his magical work and am pretty much sure you will enjoy.Have a lovely night!






She sits down looking at the sky,as she awaits the sunset and watches the sun glow.She imagines the last kiss she shared with her man before he was taken away by the ropes of destiny.Hey guys,I hope you are all good and blossoming.Today I want to talk about the royal woman,her highness.She is a woman who knows when to unleash her veil of thunder and when to be calm and quiet.She has her dark past that made her become who she is today and her endless desire of getting what she wants grows intensively each day.Her tears makes her get fumed up in savagery till she decides to shun it all away and focus on better priorities.She remembers all the memories she shared with her lover and she ends up regretting why he ended up breaking her heart and not appreciating her presence.

Her crown was twisted but she still rules her life,she still hustles everyday to wake up early and do what she has to do so as to be a successful woman.She yearns for the day that she will own an empire and get to prove all her dimwits wrong and place a huge landmark of shame on their faces.She remembers all the pain and betrayal that she went through just to make herself fit in with her fellow peers.It ended up costing her her happiness and inner peace but that did not belittle her endless strengths.She rose up again better and tougher than before.She stopped giving her time and heart to wrong fellas and stopped inducing negativity.

She is now living a simple and peaceful life,her dark past will be recruited by some haters but that will not stop her from reaching her level of exquisite passion.She will not let anyone take her down and she will definitely not entertain fakers and idle munches who are just looking for her attention to make her frustrated.She is an inspiration to many and she speaks of her life story with passion and appreciation.She keeps her kin close and she deserts herself at times just to have time with herself.

She is her highness and she will forever live to declare her priorities.Always learn to accept yourself and set your boundaries.Never try to impress people just to get compliments but instead remain real and true.Pick yourself up from the bumps and make it a straight road.

Have an awesome night!